Tablet Tooling

We offer a variety of tablet tooling for a wide range of applications complemented with tooling accessory equipment to meet our customer’s product requirements.

A) Steel

The following are the combinations we offer

For Punches: AISI 01 (OHNS) – for general applications
AISI D2 (HCHC)- for highly abrasive Tablets
S7 – for compressing tough products and better cavity finish
S1 – for compressing tough product.
44OC – Stainless steel grade for corrosion resistance & good lubrication property
For Dies: AISI D3 (HCHC)


B) Types of Coating

C) Types of Tooling & Tooling Accessories

  • Standard Dies & Punches with HCP Coating


  • Monoblock Multi-tip Punches with ENLP Coating


  • Monoblock Multi-tip Punches with CRN+ Coating


  • Monoblock Multi-tip Punches with ENIP Coating


  • Tooling Accessories