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Nuro Tool


With the Introduction of NURO TOOL “ THE TOUGH TOOL ” , when we say it we mean it, as there have been a demand of Tool’s that last long for a wide range of benefits we took a step in managing to provide a ease of choice for our customers when there are a wide range of choices to make in deciding right Tools for your Tableting needs we thought to standardize one for you which will be Extra Strong, Extra Durable & Extra Lasting then your Current Tableting Tool and also which should provide an Extra Saving, with keeping all of this in mind we developed NURO TOOL combining our Best Tool Steels, Coatings & Process we would like to have an opportunity to introduce NURO TOOL for the Tableting Industry.


With the NURO TOOL we guarantee a Tool Life that will exceed your expectations which is a great step forward in terms of CPC (Cost per Component) and also Tablet Quality as when you choose a Tool that Lasts longer than your current Tableting Tool you are sure to have a Better Tablet Quality for Longer Life Cycle and also when it is a Pocket Friendly solution you are sure to save a lot in the longer run.


The NURO TOOL is designed to suite all your Tablet Compression needs which can take on any Formulation that comes it’s way. With this you can compress any Corrosive, Abrasive or Regular Product and see it perform the Best towards whatever comes across.


We recommend this when you have demands of Savings, Performance & Durability. With the NURO TOOL your investment will give you a definite return in a big way during the long run as with this you not only improve the Tablet Quality with improved Tool Life but also lower the Cost Per Component of your product, this is a Product developed with the Experiences and Expertise of our Tooling Knowledge which will become your preferred choice once experienced.


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