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The SIP TOOL “ The Pro Tool “ is a tool with a Matt Tip Face which is a process oriented development and has been developed mainly to deal with the Formulations that have a low melting point which is just a few degrees near to room temperature and as it goes into compression cycles one cannot stop the heat produced during compression which results in higher temperature increase as the compression speed rises. In such cases the conductivity of the Tool Tip Face matters the most as when the melting happens it results in sticky Tablet Face and to overcome this issue we with a Team of process experts from around the engineering industry have come together and developed a product that is low on conductivity without the addition of any replaceable element.


With the SIP TOOL we have developed a Tableting Tool that is focused towards resolving the issues that are the most challenging and can result is huge lose of Time and Productivity keeping the Machine engaged for longer than usual disturbing the other compression cycles resulting in irreparable loses for the company, but with the MATT TOOL we ensure a very practical approach dealing with such sensitive products and delivering a end result that is the most satisfactory.


The SIP TOOL is eligible and well suited towards the products which are a formulative challenge and have to face the most compression troubles due to its properties. Such products are mainly the Formulations that have relatively low melting points and due to which are restricted to run really slow production cycles to maintain low heat generation during compression. 


The SIP TOOL is a development that will give you the confidence to go ahead with any compression issue that was a huge challenge in the past, but with this inclusion you are free and unrestricted towards any such product development. This is a Tool that shows our seriousness and eforts stepping towards a hassle free Tableting world.

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